The Adventure Begins With Us

Your breakthrough awaits

At CG Square Consulting, we know how important it is to have a full complement of staff that is engaged, motivated, and inspired to go above and beyond their assignments. This is why we place heavy emphasis on the "WHY" component when conducting training sessions for human resource development. Simply observe the following statement,

When people are able to eliminate personal interference, they will always reach their full potential and their performance will subsequently be maximized. This winning formula has been tested and proven to be a cornerstone for achieving ultimate organizational performance. And we invite you to test-drive our unique strategy.

The Coaching Process

1. It all starts with creating a willing and acknowledging of a true self – or a being. Recognizing our true potential is an incredible achievement and a satisfying experience. Individual who has an open-minded attitude, and is well received of opinions of others can usually go above and beyond their normal performance.

2. Once the true self is understood, one can concentrate on acquiring necessary skills, or applying existing skills that would help them excel into another level of performance.

3. Finally, a change in attitude as a result of recognizing the true self normally produces a change in behaviors and actions that would yield desirable outcomes – leading to an incredible breakthrough.

Language Training


We offer a wide variety of language training choices in order to help companies raise their level of competitiveness, and to expand their business into the international market. Our language offers include Thai, English, and Chinese.

At CG Square Consulting, we believe that the most important question when it comes to Human Resource Development should not be about the topics, but rather how to ensure success after training completion. In other words, what method or technique can be used to quantify the Return on Investment (ROI) for an organization. Therefore, we offer meaningful measurements that will help stimulate a discussion that will eventually identify the most trusted assessment of your choice for your investment in your staff.

Corporate Retreat and Team Building


Each year, many organizations have chosen a period out of their regular business cycle to ensure that their staff are well aligned with corporate strategies, kept up-to-date with all business news, to relax and unwind, and to strengthen the bonds between each individual. This tactic usually pays off handsomely, when it is done properly with a good planning, key staff involvement, and within budgets.

We realize that the needs of each organization are unique, and therefore, it is important that a planning for a retreat must involve executive decisions as well as their involvement, and a well-designed internal communications prior to each retreat to reap the full benefits. We can also cater for almost all special circumstances where budgets and objectives are key determination of activities and locations where the retreat will be organized.

We invite you to give us a call if you are ready to improve your organizational throughputs, while learning some new things in relaxing and enjoyable moments.



Over the past 30 years, coaching has gone from almost non-existence to quite common - at least in the western corporate culture. Coaching borrows from both consulting, where focuses are given to organizational performance - and therapy, where thought provoking questions are used to guide individuals to reach their own solutions based on their abundance experiences. Many organizations that have embraced coaching for their talented employees or executives have agreed that coaching can bring out the best in people and help their employees transition from “Good” to “Great”.

We are a true believer in the coaching practice through enrichment of heart and soul, and the spiritual mind. We believe that “Self Awareness” is a fundamental building block that can ultimately cause a drastic change in human attitude, which plays an important role in their decision and behavior, which in turn affects the results in a positive way. In addition to promoting the “Self Awareness,” the uplifting of the spiritual mind via coaching also allows us to see others more clearly, and help us understand how to best approach each individual in order to bring about a better relationship. Coaching often times can act as a sounding board and help promote confidence in all of us. The only thing that we ask for when you seek improvement in yourself and your organization through coaching - is that you open your mind to new possibilities, and be ready to accept that everyone can still learn and grow.