Language Development

English is often seen as the lingua franca of the corporate world and your business needs a concrete strategy to ensure employees can use it effectively to communicate with your suppliers, vendors, customers, business partners, stakeholders, and other alliances.

Why do you need a language learning strategy?

Three reasons.

#1 Increase confidence with languages
Your employees need to feel confident when working in whichever language they are using at that time. No-one wants to feel “childlike” when trying to communicate in a professional manner. Help them reach their potential by creating an effective corporate language learning environment.

#2 Better communication skills via corporate language learning
You risk losing important contacts or connections if you do not invest in corporate language learning. You need to enable all employees to be able to communicate effectively, including equipping native speakers with the skills to speak clearly and with a level of vocabulary that non-natives can understand. Otherwise you can unintentionally exclude others and damage what could have been a great business relationship.

#3 Choosing talent assisted by corporate language learning
You could misinterpret a lack of language knowledge as a lack of talent. If an employee has not been given the chance to improve their language skills, you might think that their miscommunications or mistakes are down to the fact that they do not have the talent or skills to perform their role. This might not be the case; and if they had better opportunities to improve their language skills, they could shine in their role.

When you have an efficient corporate language learning system in place, you help your business to bloom as staff are confident, motivated and effective in their communication both internally and externally to the company. Language limitations will no longer confine you, or leave you tongue-tied.